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Our objective was a simple one. With shared camaraderie, knowledge, experience & values we work to bring equality to all facets of green coffee, from sourcing to roasting.


Fast forward to today, we are determined to play a fundamental role in every step from the farmer to the roaster level, by committing to:

// Empowering women in our industry – We’re an active IWCA member and an equal employment opportunity provider.


// Ensuring farmer and supply chain profitability by paying fair prices – We regularly donate funds & data to Emory University’s Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide in the hope of better transparency within our industry.


// Increasing environmental sustainability – Our current projects centre on recycling programs and plastic usage; yes - the high barrier plastic sacks are one of them!

Contributing to a lasting legacy for future generations in coffee – We actively participate in various green coffee auctions & promote these amongst Australian roasters at a cost/non-profit basis.


// Building strong relationships at all levels – We have always had a hands-on, ownership-based approach to supporting the Australian coffee roasting community, with a focus on understanding quality, purpose and budget.


Sourcing our coffees from single farms, mills and cooperatives with sustainable, transparency & farmer profitability have been essential to upholding our values.


We also encourage education and participation across the supply chain. With better education across the chain, the better the future of coffee and the millions of people involved with it.


Our growing team is made up of diverse individuals who ardently share these core principles and enrich Upstream in innumerable and immeasurable ways. 


In today’s ever-increasing divide of the haves and have-nots, we’ve worked to ensure that Upstream is not a just-for-profit company, but a business-minded firm that works conscientiously to ensure everyone is a profit participant. From the communities we work within producing countries, millers & exporters, to our roaster partners - we strive towards sustainability of the environment and the farms that it supports, so that coffee can be enjoyed by us all as well as the future generations to come.

We look forward to you having you along for the journey! 

Kush, Nadia & Nithya


Our Story

We founded Upstream back in 2016 and brought together 20+ years of collective experience in importing and servicing the discerning Australian coffee roasting community.

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